Jennifer Seifert aspires to live in a world inspired by creative play. For the past decade, she has devoted herself to cultivating a community of artists who connect through their creativity, passion, and desire for self-knowledge and healing.   

  • In 2010, Jennifer was struck with an autoimmune disease that disrupted her life’s trajectory. 

    Suddenly, this Jack Nicholson and Ovation Award-winning actress found herself a new mom at home with a baby and a disability. For months, she was only mobile with the help of a cane. Burdened by unexpected physical challenges and emotionally and mentally exhausted, Jennifer discovered that only by pursuing creative outlets, no matter the obstacles, could she continue to foster her artistic expressiveness, nourish her soul, and heal.

  • Energized by her belief in the healing power of creativity, Jennifer became a life coach and founded her wildly popular Artist’s Way workshops based on Julia Cameron's best-selling book.

    Writers, painters, actors, singers, musicians, producers, directors, crafters, life-style coaches, innovators, motivational speakers, and more all flock to Jennifer’s 12-week courses to further open the creative outlets in their own lives and move forward on their journey toward creative recovery and discovery.

  • With the success of her Artist’s Way workshops, Jennifer established her business, CRxEATIVITY with Jennifer Seifert.

    Through her business, Jennifer now also hosts CRxEATIVITY Festivals to celebrate the creative journeys and accomplishments of her clients and friends.


    An avid learner, Jennifer continues along her own path of exploration. She is currently earning her Master’s in Psychology, focused primarily on the connections between mindset and creativity.

  • As a creativity coach and facilitator, and theatre artist and producer, Jennifer has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Broadway World, Pasadena Star News, Discover Los Angeles, Voyage, LA Weekly, and Variety. 

    When not running her business or raising her two wonderful boys, you can find Jennifer writing, directing, producing, teaching theatre arts to kids, and volunteering for arts organizations close to her heart.


    Discover how to unlock your own creative dreams and heal through creativity at

“Jen Seifert has a unique ability to facilitate a group through Julia Cameron’s ’The Artists Way”. Her enthusiasm for the work that is cultivating creativity, empathy for one’s personal struggles and goals through the process and nurturing way of creating accountability is what enhances this material and makes it accessible. Whether you are a creative stuck in a rut, someone who has always wanted to find their creative side, or a person who just needs a creative outlet, this is the perfect place to start.”

Christine Lakin, Director/Executive Producer/Actor

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