Creative recovery to rediscover Joy post pandemic using
Olivia Rosewood and Jennifer Seifert's social/emotional curriculum for a virtual weekend retreat

What Others Say

  • This was a great outlet for me to jump start my creativity after a long stretch of creative repression. Exploring through the artist way workshop and being surrounded by other inspiring creatives helped me find clarity in the career path I wanted to take.

    Sylvia R

  • This a beautiful and amazing workshop to unlock creativity as well as a unique way to move through pain/loss, etc. The festival is always inspiring and put on with so much love and sense of real community.

    Chris L. 

  • Run don't walk to take this course with Jen. Being able to connect with other Artists is essential to progressing your creativity. Jen provides such a safe and comfortable space and makes you feel like you are not alone on your journey. Highly recommend!!

    Jenny L. 

  • Jennifer Seifert and her CRxEATIVITY are the for real real deal! I felt comfortable in the safe space she created for our group to learn, grow and share. It seems like the 12 week course was done over in a flash and I feel like I gained a bunch of family from our 3 months of Monday meetings together. There is something creative in all of us, Jen is amazing at helping that creativity emerge. Thank you Jen!

    Kaye C. 

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